Android Studio

Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device.
World-class code editing, debugging, performance tooling, a flexible build system, and an instant build/deploy system all allow you to focus on building unique and high quality apps.

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Table of Contents


Control S Command S Control S Save all
Control Alt Y Command Option Y Control Alt Y Synchronize
Control Shift F12 Control Command F12 Control Shift F12 Maximize/minimize editor
Alt Shift F Option Shift F Alt Shift F Add to favorites
Alt Shift I Option Shift I Alt Shift I Inspect current file with current profile
Control ` (Backquote) Control ` (Backquote) Control ` (Backquote) Quick switch scheme
Control Alt S Command (Comma) Control Alt S Open settings dialogue
Control Alt Shift S Command ; (Semicolon) Control Alt Shift S Open project structure dialog
Control Tab Control Tab Control Tab Switch between tabs and tool window
Press Shift Twice Press Shift Twice Press Shift Twice Search everything (including code and menus)
Control F Command F Control F Find
F3 Command G F3 Find next
Shift F3 Command Shift G Shift F3 Find previous
Control R Command R Control R Replace
Control Shift A Command Shift A Control Shift A Find action
Control Alt Shift N Command Option O Control Alt Shift N Search by symbol name
Control N Command O Control N Find class
Control Shift N Command Shift O Control Shift N Find file (instead of class)
Control Shift F Command Shift F Control Shift F Find in path
Control F12 Command F12 Control F12 Open file structure pop-up
Alt Right/Left Arrow Control Right/Left Arrow Alt Right/Left Arrow Navigate between open editor tabs
F4 / Control Enter F4 / Command Down Arrow F4 / Control Enter Jump to source
Shift F4 Shift F4 Shift F4 Open current editor tab in new window
Control E Command E Control E Recently opened files pop-up
Control Shift E Command Shift E Control Shift E Recently edited files pop-up
Control Shift Backspace Command Shift Backspace Control Shift Backspace Go to last edit location
Control F4 Command W Control F4 Close active editor tab
Esc Esc Esc Return to editor window from a tool window
Shift Esc Shift Esc Shift Esc Hide active or last active tool window
Control G Command L Control G Go to line
Control H Control H Control H Open type hierarchy
Control Shift H Command Shift H Control Shift H Open method hierarchy
Control Alt H Control Option H Control Alt H Open call hierarchy

Writing Code

Alt Insert Command N Alt Insert Generate code (getters, setters, constructors, hashCode/equals, toString, new file, new class)
Control O Control O Control O Override methods
Control I Control I Control I Implement methods
Control Alt T Command Option T Control Alt T Surround with (if...else / try...catch / etc.)
Control Y Command Backspace Control Y Delete line at caret
Control Minus/Plus Command Minus/Plus Control Minus/Plus Collapse/expand current code block
Control Shift Minus/Plus Command Shift Minus/Plus Control Shift Minus/Plus Collapse/expand all code blocks
Control D Command D Control D Duplicate current line or selection
Control Space Control Space Control Space Basic code completion
Control Shift Space Control Shift Space Control Shift Space Smart code completion (filters the list of methods and variables by expected type)
Control Shift Enter Command Shift Enter Control Shift Enter Complete statement
Control Q Control J Control Q Quick documentation lookup
Control P Command P Control P Show parameters for selected method
Control B
Control Click
Command B
Command Click
Control B
Control Click
Go to declaration (directly)
Control Alt B Command Alt B Control Alt B Go to implementations
Control U Command U Control U Go to super-method/super-class
Control Shift I Command Y Control Shift I Open quick definition lookup
Alt 1 Command 1 Alt 1 Toggle project tool window visibility
F11 F3 F11 Toggle bookmark
Control F11 Option F3 Control F11 Toggle bookmark with mnemonic
Control / Command / Control / Comment/uncomment with line comment
Control Shift / Command Shift / Control Shift / Comment/uncomment with block comment
Control W Option Up Control W Select successively increasing code blocks
Control Shift W Option Down Control Shift W Decrease current selection to previous state
Control [ Option Command [ Control [ Move to code block start
Control ] Option Command ] Control ] Move to code block end
Control Shift [ Option Command Shift [ Control Shift [ Select to the code block start
Control Shift ] Option Command Shift ] Control Shift ] Select to the code block end
Control Delete Option Delete Control Delete Delete to end of word
Control Backspace Option Backspace Control Backspace Delete to start of word
Control Alt O Control Option O Control Alt O Optimize imports
Alt Enter Option Enter Alt Enter Project quick fix (show intention actions and quick fixes)
Control Alt L Command Option L Control Alt L Reformat code
Control Alt I Control Option I Control Alt I Auto-indent lines
Tab/Shift Tab Tab/Shift Tab Tab/Shift Tab Indent/unindent lines
Control Shift J Control Shift J Control Shift J Smart line join
Control Enter Command Enter Control Enter Smart line split
Shift Enter Shift Enter Shift Enter Start new line
F2 / Shift F2 F2 / Shift F2 F2 / Shift F2 Next/previous highlighted error

Build and Run

Control F9 Command F9 Control F9 Build
Shift F10 Control R Shift F10 Build and run
Control F10 Control Command R Control F10 Apply changes (with Instant Run)


Shift F9 Control D Shift F9 Debug
F8 F8 F8 Step over
F7 F7 F7 Step into
Shift F7 Shift F7 Shift F7 Smart step into
Shift F8 Shift F8 Shift F8 Step out
Alt F9 Option F9 Alt F9 Run to cursor
Alt F8 Option F8 Alt F8 Evaluate expression
F9 Command Option R F9 Resume program
Control F8 Command F8 Control F8 Toggle breakpoint
Control Shift F8 Command Shift F8 Control Shift F8 View breakpoints


F5 F5 F5 Copy
F6 F6 F6 Move
Alt Delete Command Delete Alt Delete Safe delete
Shift F6 Shift F6 Shift F6 Rename
Control F6 Command F6 Control F6 Change signature
Control Alt N Command Option N Control Alt N Inline
Control Alt M Command Option M Control Alt M Extract method
Control Alt V Command Option V Control Alt V Extract variable
Control Alt F Command Option F Control Alt F Extract field
Control Alt C Command Option C Control Alt C Extract constant
Control Alt P Command Option P Control Alt P Extract parameter

Version Control / Local History

Control K Command K Control K Commit project to VCS
Control T Command T Control T Update project from VCS
Alt Shift C Option Shift C Alt Shift C View recent changes
Alt ` (Backquote) Control V Alt ` (Backquote) Open VCS popup


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