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Opera Software

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Table of Contents

Command the browser

Ctrl J J Ctrl J Open Downloads page
Ctrl Shift E Shift E Ctrl Shift E Open Extensions page
Ctrl H Shift H Ctrl H Open History page
Ctrl O O Ctrl O Open local file
Ctrl L L Ctrl L Focus address bar
Alt P , Alt P Open Preferences (Settings) page
Ctrl P P Ctrl P Print current page
Ctrl Shift X Q Ctrl Shift X Quit Opera
Ctrl S S Ctrl S Save a page locally
F1 was not specified or is missing F1 Open help

Find text on the page

Ctrl F F Ctrl F Find on page
Ctrl G G Ctrl G Find next
Ctrl Shift G Shift G Ctrl Shift G Find previous
Tab Tab Tab Cycle forward through page elements
Shift Tab Shift Tab Shift Tab Cycle back through page elements
Alt Alt Go forward one page
Alt Alt Go back one page
End End Go to bottom of page
Home Home Go to top of page
Space Space Space Page down
Shift Space Shift Space Shift Space Page up
Ctrl R R Ctrl R Reload the current page
Ctrl U U Ctrl U View current page source

Control tabs and windows

Ctrl M Ctrl M Ctrl M Activate tab menu
Ctrl W W Ctrl W Close current tab
Alt F4 was not specified or is missing Alt F4 Close current window
Ctrl Tab Ctrl Tab Ctrl Tab Cycle forward through open tabs
Shift Ctrl Tab Shift Ctrl Tab Shift Ctrl Tab Cycle back through open tabs
Alt Tab ` Alt Tab Cycle through open windows
Windows M M Windows M Minimize a window
Ctrl T T Ctrl T Open new tab
Ctrl N N Ctrl N Open new window
Ctrl Shift N Shift N Ctrl Shift N Open new private window
Ctrl Shift T Shift T Ctrl Shift T Reopen last closed tab
Ctrl M Ctrl M Ctrl M Toggle tab menu
Ctrl ` Ctrl ` Ctrl ` View previous active tab

Manipulate text

Ctrl C C Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl X X Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl V V Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl A A Ctrl A Select all
Ctrl Z Z Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Shift Z Shift Z Ctrl Shift Z Redo

Zoom in and out

F11 Ctrl Shift F F11 Enter full-screen mode
was not specified or is missing Shift F was not specified or is missing Enter presentation mode
Ctrl Ctrl Zoom in
Ctrl - - Ctrl - Zoom out
Ctrl 0 0 Ctrl 0 Reset zoom to 100%

Advanced keyboard shortcuts

1 1 1 Cycle left through tabs
2 2 2 Cycle right through tabs
was not specified or is missing Ctrl ` was not specified or is missing View previous tab
/ / / Find on page
Z Z Z Go back one page
X X X Go forward one page
0 + 0 Zoom in
8 8 8 Zoom in more
9 - 9 Zoom out
7 7 7 Zoom out more
6 6 6 Reset zoom to 100%

Source: https://help.opera.com/en/latest/shortcuts/

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